Endangered World

A strategic, family-friendly board game where players compete to save the most animals.

About the Game

Endangered World is an exciting new tabletop board game. Players take turns navigating around the board, investing in endangered animals, and destroying opponents’ resources.

The game is designed for 2-4 people ages 8+. It’s the perfect game to play with family or friends, especially if you love animals!

Watch this 1-minute video to learn more!

Support on Kickstarter

Endangered World is coming to Kickstarter in February 2021!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. That means anyone can financially contribute to a project to help it come to life. In our case, the goal is to raise enough funds to mass-produce Endangered World.

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Play Online

Want to see Endangered World in action? Compete against a robot online in solo mode.


About the Creators

Get to know us a bit! We’re board game fans just like you, and we’ve loved developing this new game to add to your collection.

Vlad Kazandzhy

The Designer

Vlad came up with the whole idea of Endangered World. He also worked tirelessly to perfect its gameplay and theme.

Liz Kazandzhy

The Artist

Liz used her creative talents to produce all the graphics for the game, website, and Kickstarter campaign.

Sophia and Katya

The Inspiration

We tried to make Endangered World as fun and adorable as our two little daughters. We can’t wait to play it with them when they’re older!

Playtester Reviews

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our playtesters had to say:

“Endangered World has a winning mix of strategy and chance that makes it fun for everyone!”


“I anticipate playing this game with my young children. The rules are simple enough that they could participate, but it’s complicated enough that I feel the need to strategize. It’s a wonderful mix!”


“Endangered World is different every time you play. It’s definitely a game the whole family can enjoy and will get everyone excited!”


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